Sicilia 2007

February 15, 2007: Packing up... Then February 16, 2007 Newark to Amsterdam... to Milan... to Palermo... (on the 17th)

Milano: Getting closer...

Landing in Palermo with the mountains in the distance.

February 17, 2007: Palermo! Here I am with our "SMART" stupido macchina. The car that uses a brake for a clutch. No really.

Tricky sweater pose. She is so cute!

Route A29: On one side the rugged cliffs as we leave Palermo for the southwest.

Route A29: On the other side the waters of Golfo di Castelellammare

Crazy Sicilian dirver in training...

Arriving at our home while we were here. Fontana Calda. Amazingly beautiful setting... Oliva grove, arange trees the mare in the distance. Views from our terrace. Over the olive grove toward the sea. And views inside the apartment. The kitchen never looked so good (that is before we started using it... oopps! Crash!)

Our first walk out the front gate... What a wonderful place. Met a amico (ok I bribed him with bread sticks). Yes that is the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. And yes that is a town up there on top of those mountains, Caltabellotta.

Our adventures in Sicilia begin...