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Bernard Re, Jr.,

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Canaan, Connecticut telephone: (860) 824-1010

Current Position (April 2003 - Present)

Online Director, The Observer-Dispatch (Gannett Group.), Utica, New York.

In Utica we have a integrated print and online sales force, we bring selected articles from the newspaper online as well as generate exclusive online content with support of the newsroom. Programs that I have initiated have resulted in revenue and readership gains. I work directly with account executives to sell the online programs I have created. The content and sales model I use is a blend of online only (sales and content) programs, bundled (ad sales or repurposed content) and built-in sales (integarted contract with print and online components). This three-tier model has come together here in Utica and is working to build readership and revenue.

News/Information site:
Special news site: From Faraway Lands
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Online Department Staff: Content Producer, Content Producer Assistant, Online Development Coordinator. Development Assistant and Online Director.

Previous Position (October 2000 - June 28, 2002)

Online General Manager, The World Company, Inc., Lawrence, Kansas. The World Company owns and operates a group of newspapers, a cable television station and a cable modem ISP.

Position Overview

My charge as Online General Manager at The World Company was to direct the online Creative Group (five people), Online Sales Rep. (one), Content Group (five people) and work with the print/cable sales force to implement my content/revenue model for a group of Lawrence, Kansas sites, and other company owned newspaper sites in Kansas, Arizona and Colorado.

As a member of the corporate senior management group I also contributed to overall corporate strategy of the other business units (Sunflower Broadband Cablevision, Sunflower Broadband Datavision (cable ISP), Sunflower Broadband Telephone).


My goal was to make a sustainable business out of the online unit, work to end the financial losses, make products out of current sites that support the core franchises and expand revenue opportunities through new initiatives. The model I brought to and implemented in Lawrence resulted in a three-fold revenue increase during 2001 while holding expenses slightly below year 2000 levels. In year 2002 under my direction and management we continued to make revenue progress and gained national recognition for our web sites as NAA Edgy finalists.

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