Main Focus

My main focus was to rebuild the existing online areas that were essential to our franchise without substantially changing the underlying publishing infrastructure -- I firmly believe that it is marketing implementation not ever-changing technology that will lead to sustainable success online -- and to have these core areas of news, sports, the arts and community web sites begin operating in an integrated manner.

News - (converged news site for World Online, Lawrence Journal-World newspaper and 6 News cable television) (over 1,000,000+ page views per month)

Sports - (sports coverage of University of Kansas teams) (over 750,000+ page views per month)

The Arts - (includes the arts from the paper, the cable station and our original online content) (over 80,000+ page views per month)

Community - (community site that enables self-publishing) (over 200,000+ page views per month)

• I developed and implemented a advertising and corporate identity program that was used in print, cable and online to promote these core areas in a consistent way.

• I instituted a slogan that I developed as a central focal point, "Where people go for news, sports, the arts and community" for use in all promotions and on all web sites.

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