About World Online

I organized my two groups to operate in a multi-disciplined manner as a web development/design firm, as a marketing firm, as a content originator and as a content publisher*

* Original and re-purposed print and/or video content

Key points

• Prepared budgets and set goals for online business unit. With print/cable sales force budget managed by print/cable sales director.

• Developed concepts that integrate online, print and cable television advertising with sales managers from those units

• Developed cross-sponsorship convergence opportunities of print, cable and online content

• "Productized" online sales opportunities so that our integrated print and cable sales force can sell and build online relationships. Created master sales plan that the print/cable sales director and managers used to formulate action plans.

• Reorganized print and cable re-purposed content into "audience segments" to meet advertising sales, marketing and readership objectives.

• Initiated "bundled print-online forced buy" programs of bringing online a print tab as a advertiser listing. The listing is the first building block to up selling other online "products" [About Building Blocks PDF]to print clients.

Directed and managed one dedicated online salesperson focused on selling Real Estate site programs and web site development/marketing programs.

• Managed and initiated news content convergence concepts, cross-promotion and workflows (print, cable, online)

• Directed creation of interactive and participatory content (forums, polls, surveys, contests)

• Directed commercial and news/informational web site development

• Initiated name recognition building campaigns (internal and for clients)

• Directed promotional advertising programs for online unit

• Initiated and directed creation of original "super-local" content for online use (text, photographic, video)

• Explored online subscription based and pay-per-view model with the objective of strengthening the existing subscriber/member relationships and/or building new online subscriber/member relationships. Launched Bonner-Clickshare "Subscriber Access Edition" on June 27, 2002.

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