Other Experience

June1993 - January 1995

• Turley Publications, Inc., Palmer, Mass. (newspapers and commercial printing), Computer Graphics Department Manager March 1991 - June 1993

• Around the Corner Magazine, Canaan, Conn., (lifestyle, events magazine promoting the northwest corner of CT and nearby NY and MA) Co-Founder (owner)

• CLIP AWAY/Standard Advertising Products, Inc. Canaan, CT (name has >been changed to Inter-Vitae, Inc. to reflect a Internet focus), publishing/developer business 1988 to present. Founder (owner). Wrote text, designed, produced and created the clip art for: Direct Marketing Coupon Designs and Retail Advertising Designs published by McGraw-Hill. Wrote, designed and produced a how to manual: HTMLhacks published in December 1994 as a downloadable guide (on AOL) to basic HTML page authoring.

1976 - 1988

• ReDesign, Stamford/Canaan, Conn. (graphic design and marketing firm), Founder (owner) Graphic design and marketing work for clients that included:

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