_M e t a t r o n ' s _S t o r y_
A w a k e n i n g

Metatron awoke
as if from
a dream.

He stood and gazed
out over a vast blue space.

Many years ago when I began thinking about a story that I wanted to write someday I filled my notebooks with words and drawings and clippings. Now that I started that book ('Metatron's Story') , of which Metatron is the central character, I cannot now recall or find the source of him. All I have of him is a name that I wrote on a scrap of paper. Maybe I read about him? But he might just as likely have sprung out of my soul. You the reader will have to decide. In fact that could be the beginning of our journey together. Is there a great arch angel of God that is here to serve humanity? I think so. Forgotten. But ready to be discovered anew. Not made real. But realized to be real.


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