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Updated January 13, 2002

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Solar effects
(1-7-02) Dazzling eruption from the Sun

Globalism is us

Silicon is dead


Global Frontier
We stand at the opening of the Global Frontier. The vast horizon that lies before us is one of hope and foreboding.
What is your vision as to how this Global Frontier should be explored and then developed.
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So you want to respond?

Bits and process We are all contributors in common to this world. Every day through technology and personal contact we become even more intertwined and interdependent. At we call this process of socialization and capitalization of the planet "Globalism".
It's all around us.
Send rants and raves!

Green Nadar
Vote Green Greens nominated Ralph Nader for President of the United States agreed. Sorry Al.
What is it about Nader?.

Molecular (Moletronics) Computing
When the way the rings on your fingers are arranged hold more computing power than your desktop computer...
Silicon is dead.
Poll for atoms?

Solar Effects
From May 17, 2000 Links to resources regarding how the Sun effects our global circumstances...
It's all in the star.

May 20, 2000 - Internet facts and forecasts and globalization items and links...

News from you? Ideas for us? What are you waiting for?


September 2001

In the defense of an open society
Personal posts and visual expressions relating to September events.

The twelve fundamental particles of the Universe: (to date:)

  • Electron (charge -1) - electricity, chemical reactions
  • Electron Neutrino (charge 0) - rarely interacts with other matter
  • Muon - a heavier relative of the electron
  • Muon Neutrino - created when some particles decay
  • Tau - heavier still
  • Tau Neutrino
  • Up (u) (charge +2/3e) - protons have 2 Up Quarks, 1 Neutron
  • Down (d) (charge -1/3e) - protons have 1 Down Quark, 2 neutrons
  • Charm (c) - a heavier relative of Up Quark
  • Strange (s) - a heavier relative of Down Quark
  • Top (t) - heavier still
  • Bottom (b) - heavier still
    What about dark matter?
    > Is your soul an in'y or an out'y?
    Space filler names wanted.
    > The Quark Machine [read]
    > Dark Matter [read]

    June 2001

    That oily feeling
    > UPDATE November 10, 2001: Couldn't happen to a... [problems]
    Getting oiled Ralph Nader likes to say that George W. Bush is " a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil industry." And with Bush's pick of fellow oil man Dick Cheney as his running mate, Nader's comment seems right on target as to how this Global Frontier should be explored and then developed. Source: The Progressive
    > More "OIL and BUSH" [read] Source: Lycos Search
    From the gas prices at the pump this late spring to the crisis in California. A lot of people are getting screwed and some are get rich. Who cares?
    Who, what, when - Enron? U.S. News & World Reports gives us a look at the tip of the iceberg in a June 18, 2001 story, A hand in everything.
    Eye openers from story:
    > Enron Chairman Lay was one of the 212, "pioneers" who raised more than $100,000 for Bush.
    > Lay was the only corporate executive whom Vice President Cheney said he met with one on one to discuss formulation of the administration's national energy policy.
    Other Enron background links:
    > Enron's biggest assets are on paper (6/18/01) [read] Source: U.S. News Online
    > Why companies pay for next year's weather forecast (4/13/98) [read] Source: U.S. News Online
    > Bush talks tough on global warming (3/19/01) [read] Source: U.S. News Online
    > California loses its glow amid rolling power blackouts (1/29/01) [read] Source: U.S. News Online
    > It has been too quiet in Washington since Bill Clinton left. No scandals. No hearings. No investigations. But that may soon change. "...But Karl Rove, Bush's chief political adviser has the most to explain. Like O'Neill, he waited months before selling his extensive stock holdings in many companies, including Intel, Pfizer and Enron, on June 7...." (6/20/01) [read] Source: Tribune Media Services
    Keyword search on "ENRON":
    > [read]
    > [read]
    > [read]
    > [read]
    > [read]
    > [read]
    Oily responses?

    Real or a dream?
    Truth or distraction?

    Tell us.

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