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Your guide to orgainizing and using free web resources.
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Think Globally: Updated August 13, 2000

Global Frontier: What is important? Poll

Create the frontierGlobalism is now

Will we set the agenda and the action plan?

Or will our only course of action be to comply and be carried along with a vision and plan that others have set in motion?

The frontier vista is before us.

Will you help power our journey into that frontier or will you be overpowered by it?

Global Frontier - Poll - What is important?

Please take this poll.

You may contribute in detail to this topic as well.

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Your guide to orgainizing and using free web Your guide to orgainizing and using free web resources.

Mission:To facilitate participation between individuals, organizations and businesses on a global basis. Provide an online guide to news and information topics of global interest and to help you build, link to, organize, find - personalized and/or participatory pages, sites and home/office appliance control links. Making these online resources easier to find, personalize, participate with and manage thus making your time online more enjoyable, informative, interactive and productive - globally as well as locally.
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