Lyrical Expressionist
Bernard Re, Jr.

Shock and Awe: Domestic

Shock and Awe: Domestic
[See: Shock and Awe: Foreign]
Year: March 2003 Medium: Oil Size: 16 x 20 Price: $1,650.

About the painting: This work is a commentary on the George W. Bush "shock and awe" foreign (and domestic) policy and the misery it will inflict on innocent people. It is an un-American policy and goes against everything that I believe this country stands for and should be doing in the world and at home. This policy is now being rolled out in foreign lands and within our own borders by a messianic Bush government. The painting shows the Bush portrait colored in sickening green wrapped in a flag with broken stars and blood red stripes. Drops of oil drip from his chin. The scales of justice with the Bush trinity (three interlocking circles) of: Christian religion (W with cross), God (G or for George as God) and a bomb icon (symbolizing the Bush policy that retribution, first strike force and military/cultural/economic might equals right) on one side weighing down the people in the other scale. The laws of the Patriot Act are burning the rights of the people. This is the companion to "shock and awe" foreign.

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