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Lyrical Expressionist
Bernard Re, Jr.


My lyrical expressionist linear style in the nineteen-seventies related to the energy and DNA strands that wove images onto canvas. In the eighties the lines represented the organic interrelationship between humans, nature, light and darkness all seeking some semblance of balance. My most recent paintings have taken on the nature and size of an icon that symbolize mental and spiritual pictures of real and fantastic places, people, politics and concepts.

"It's time to show..."
                                                             -Bernard Re. Jr.
Millerton, New York

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Date: October 16 - December 31, 2002
Six paintings now on exhibit
Place: Manna Dew Cafe, in the Vitamin & Herb Room
54 Main Street
Millerton, New York

Tiverton  [ENLARGE]
The wind, the fog and the hills above Tiverton, Nova Scotia
From the ferry the island emerges and is swept away.
Year: 1981 Size: 18 x 20 Price: upon request

Tiverton  [ENLARGE]
The Hills of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
The hills and sea meet, caress and crash.
Year: 1981 Size: 18 x 20 Medium: Oil Price: upon request

Summer Past  [ENLARGE]
Summer Past
Out the window the world changes. It ebbs and flows and swirls. I breath it in.
Year: 1998 Size: 8 x 10 Medium: Oil Price: upon request

Two Paths  [ENLARGE]
Two Paths
One to the lake. The other to the hill. Around the tree. Life changes with each step.
Year: 2002 Size: 5 x 7 Medium: Oil Price: upon request

On the porch  [ENLARGE]
On the porch, Kitty Hawk, NC
The ocean is blue The sand is hot. I am at rest.
Year: 2002 Size: 5 x 7 Medium: Oil Price: upon request

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I have taken part in many gallery and museum group shows and exhibitions. The list includes shows in Connecticut, his home state, in Boston as a member of The Copley Society of Artists, in New York City Soho gallery district and in Montreal, Canada as a participant in an international art exhibition. My work has found a place in private homes, student dorm rooms and offices. While living in Sioux City, Iowa I was a founding member of the Fourth Street Gallery Artists Cooperative. I was educated in Boston, Mass. attending New England School of Art and Massachusetts College of Art. I now live and work in Canaan, Connecticut with my wife Nancy and a dog named Baby. I have a daughter Sarah in NYC and a son Jamie in Massachusetts. And I have a lot of sketches to turn into paintings and new works to create. It's time to paint...

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Please contact me to see a full range of my work [(860) 824-1010 (home/studio)] [] If you would like to be notified when I add other paintings to this page please e-mail me at
About Commissions
I will come to your location (within three hour drive of Canaan, CT) and spend a Saturday or a Sunday sketching a 8"x10" portrait of a person, your home or a scene for you on commission. Fee: upon request. ( a non-refundable deposit of $300. Is required, with balance upon delivery of painting.) Call (860) 824-1010 if you would like more information.

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