Lyrical Expressionist
Bernard Re, Jr.

Sketch and tracing transfer.

Sketch: This sketch started it's life in Lawrence, Kansas with the title The peace in the hills. Back in Connecticut in October it became The hills and pond in the morning. (Mostly because when I started painting the blue swirl in the foreground started feeling like a pond reference to me.) The sketch is traced on tracing paper and then transferred to the canvas board. I usually stay true to the sketch and rarely add linear elements in the painting stage. Any adjustments to the image are made in the sketch stage by pasting over areas and redrawing. I enjoy just letting the image emerge from the drawing exercise. I prefer to use the unaltered sketch, tracing it, transferring it and painting it - and letting color choice emerge just as the linear message unfolded. This work went unaltered from sketch to finished painting. In some cases I do a color study of the sketch but only if I want to have the color reflect the time and place when the sketch is being done. The Storm was sketched in this, way laying down ink line and then indicating color with prismacolor pencils. I just mostly use black ballpoint pens for sketching. Lately I have been doing about one hundred sketches per month (the yellow tabs sticking out of the sketchbook are the ones I want to paint).
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