Subject: A time of testing (9-15-01)
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 17:54:43 -0700
From: "Bernard Re, Jr."
Organization: Inter-Vitae, Inc.
CC: "Bernard Re, Jr."

Dear Mr. President,

"As some of the injuries done us have become intolerable we have still been clear that we wished nothing for ourselves that we were not ready to demand for all mankind - fair dealing, justice, the freedom to live and to be at ease against organized wrong." - Woodrow Wilson

Mr. President it is a difficult time we are facing. A time of testing. If we are to fight a war let it be in the defense of an open society. It is in this cause and the cause of extending that open society to that of the rest of the planet I am supporting you in. Because for our society to be open and secure the rest of the world needs to be as open and secure.

"I believe that men will see the truth, eye to eye and face to face. There is one thing that the American people always rise to and extend their hand to and that is the truth of justice and of liberty and of peace. We have accepted that truth and we are going to be led by it, and it is going to lead us, and through us the world, out into pastures of quietness and peace such as the world never dreamed of before." - Woodrow Wilson's last words before a public audience.

Mr. President I believe we must have the resolve to meet this challenge of securing an open, free, just and peaceful world or all the death and sorrow that we have seen and that we are facing will be in vain.

Sincerely, Bernard Re, Jr.


Bernard Re, Jr.

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