September 16, 2001

The March

Yes brother we have acted with force and acted with questionable methods.

But our goal was to ensure a safer and more open world.

This attack though had as its objective to stop the evolutionary march toward a world free of fear, hunger and oppression - the march toward a modern world.

The terrorist war that has been ragging in the rest of the world has now been brought home.

It should be clear now that we cannot be safe when the rest of the world is not.

We cannot be free when the rest of the world is not.

We cannot end this threat while governments oppress their own people and allow their children to be taught to hate their neighbor because of some religious or cultural difference.

And we cannot allow that ethos of hate teaching to continue whether it be in Afghanistan or America if our society and the world are to live together in an open and peaceful world.

If we cannot all this and all that will come is in vain.

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