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September: In the defense of an open society.
Open letter [email] to President Bush...  The irony of Jerry Falwell...
September 18, 2001
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.

Censorship! Imagine, AC/DC to Zombies, songs listed as unsuitable for radio...

September 17, 2001

She was excited, but getting back to work today is really hard for all of us. There is smoke in the air still and there are helmeted and armed soldiers on the trains - all very strange and sad. I haven't heard from her yet. Talk to you soon..

We will never foget...

It was a bit disconcerting, but it actually made us feel a little safer. I felt that if anything went wrong, someone would be there that wouldn't completely loose their cool. (other than us, of course). It's a pretty quiet here on my first day of my new job. It's the first full day back and everyone is very subdued. There was a company-wide meeting this morning to talk about counceling and what we are doing to aid in the relief effort - mainly in the area of getting materials to schools that will help teachers and kids cope with, and explain what has happened. It was really nice. As for actual work, not much is getting done. I don't have a desk or phone yet - a space was supposed to be set up on Tuesday - that sure didn't happen. I should have a semi-permanent spot tomorrow. I love you and I'll give you a call in a bit.

September 16, 2001
Uplifting on the MAC with "Webdings" font...

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The March...

September 11, 2001 in memorial.

This is a scene from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal looking across New York Harbor to Manhattan and the burning towers, shortly after the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers.- Photo by James Bernard Re

This photo was taken by my son Jamie. He was with his sister who lives about a block from where this photo was taken. She was in the shopping mall under the towers on Monday buying a new outfit to wear to work for her first day at a new job that starts on Thursday at 14th Street. She did not go into the city on Tuesday but her husband did. He took the ferry across the harbor and got on the subway. The subway did make its normal stop in the massive transportation center under the towers but only to take on passengers because of a "smoke incident" was the announcement. When passengers boarded the news spread of the airplane that had hit the tower. When my daughter's husband came above ground and got to his office the full extend of the unfolding disaster became evident. Today he made his way home to Staten Island. My children and son in law are safe. But thousands upon thousand have perished. One day difference... but I won't think about that now. I will think about freedom. I will think about working to keep our society open and caring and extending that to our world neighbors. I will think about justice. I will think about fairness. One day difference... I can't think about that now.

September is for stress!
Lighten up!   We're all doing Tribulation time... Not the information age! [read]

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They are saying with all the changes that come with September like going back to school, the end of summer, end of year budget messes, coming year budget messes and the like we all need to come up with something that can put it all into perspective. To help us find out what really matters - or at least find something to laugh about.

What gets you by?

Or not...


September 2001

September 9, 2001
Things that made me laugh this month: (so far)
- Bag-O-laughs
- No good, girls!

What are you laughing about... [DOLT]

Favorite books for September 2001:
Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear is a ride through an evolutionary, social science and health control mine field. The DNA strings and energy lines of my painting style find purchase and relationship with this mind expanding book.
[see ] Darwin's Radio (


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