There is a Storm: Newstronic

Historical Record: From correspondence of Richard Stands

E-mailed to Reverend Drake on May 18, 1998

Dear Reverend Drake,

I too have the charge within. Unlike you I have hesitated to go public for fear of the message being manipulated into some new cult or relgion.

I have wrestled with how to come forward for years. I've explored what other people are doing. From Fundamentalists to New Agers, they all, the old relegions and the newest seem still to be caught in the "old God" trap. The "old words".

Not recognizing that God has found a distributed host in all of us. Whether we like it or not.

That this "new God" is like this new worldwide network the Internet is not just coincidence. It is evolution. The "new God" is made up by us all and is greater than and equal to the sum of our parts. So is it with the distributed nature of the Internet. And the two are evolving simultaneously!

It is all of us who will determine who God will be. All Peoples. All Nations. All Nature. All Light. All Darkness.

Unfortunately the "God" word gets in the way.

We have hung too many identifications on the word.

As a word, "God" is dead.

Or whose "God" will it be?

The Sun God?

The Moon God?

The Earth God?

The Hindu God?

The Buddhist God?

The Christian God?

The Moslem God?

The Jewish God?

The Humanist God?

We need a new word to cut through the old conceptions and images.

I have followed with interest the growth of your website. It has inspired me to put my own thoughts down in a record as well. I think in fact that I have answered my dilemma as to how to present this "awakening to the new" so it can be better understood and less subject to manipulation and distortion. Although a two thousand years from now who knows how perverse this all might have become. It certainly can be no worse than how the saints and sinners alike have manipulated and distorted the old word.

The best way to keep the "the new" from the fate of the old is to keep it always in a constant state of evolution.

A moving target to wholeness.

As a moving target it will be harder for anyone to hang a banner on it on behalf of some frozen in time cause!

Keep it evolving right under our running feet.

Yes, the way we present "the new" in a morphing document of interactivity illustrates "the new" as well. The mesage becomes entwined with the medium. With life.

It is a living document that by evoling states that, "We are the creators in common of the second coming and are the embodiment of the new Heaven and the new Earth."

No more shall we seek to subdue our fellow creatures and our environment according to some old words that were locked apart and separate from our evolution so many generations ago.

We will evolve "the new" as creators - facets - in common with Nature, Light and Darkness.

We will together write the new testament in words, actions and in our genes and enter into a new covenant that everything everywhere participates in simultaneously.

Here now is the link to the presentation of this message. They call the work, "Metatron's Story." Please feel free to add my thoughts to your work as you see fit. Or to communicate with me at this address. I will see that additions to this work are sent to you as they are completed.

Again, I thank you for coming forward thereby giving me the strength to do likewise.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Stands

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