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July 31, 2004

A On The Scene Report:

Positive energy and the winds of good fortune kept the rain clouds away while art, music and crafts were reviewed by a stream of (young and old 'hippies') "Vote Kerry" stickered Democratic Party supporters.

Art Display
One of the political art display panels at the festival.

Those who took the chance of coming out to the festivities were treated to a surprise appearance on John Sebastian. Fittingly he did, "Did you ever have to make Up Your Mind?".

John and Donovan
John and Donovan at the festival.

Then he introduced Donovan, Yes. Really. He did Colours and Catch the Wind (I was back in 1968 for a minute or two).

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The quote
...First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. The caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within...
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Buy Album - Donovan In Concert, 1968

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  July 31, 2004
Kingston, NY

Selections of activist art that was on display at the festival. I wish I could have them all up here (next time you should just go and see it all) but there is just so much time... (you will remember to vote won't you)

Jessica Politana
By Jessica Politana.

Detail of a work by Jude Defalco. [WEBSITE]

Photo of Iraqi child with drawing of plane.



Center panel
Center panel of a work by Renee Englander entitled "War".

Secret war
Secret war on the environment.

Lip Service media clips collage
Lip Service, Bush misleading us media clips collage by Bernard Re, Jr. (this old hippie) before people started signing the desk...
Lip Service desk signed
By the end of the day the desk was covered with signatures.



Bush waiter
Bush waiter... now serving by Chandra Smith

Art by youth display.
Art by youth display.



Art festival participant web site or e-mail if available:

Jude Defalco [VISIT]
Trini Garro [E-MAIL]
Ronnye Jai [VISIT]
RJ Katz [E-MAIL]
Scott Thomas Lowe [VISIT]
Bernard Re, Jr. [VISIT]
Kitrick Short [VISIT]
Chandra Smith [E-MAIL]
Jean Tansey [E-MAIL]
Lorna Tychostup [VISIT]
Barbara Upton [VISIT]
Carl J. Volk [VISIT]
Marcine Quenzer [VISIT]


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