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2020: Bernard Re, Jr.: Creative. Natural. Gatherer. Maker. Artist. Writer. Cartoonist. And (again) Artist Activist.

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New drawings, on paper and in "Graffiare" technique on tiles and pottery...
See my NEWEST WORK and explore some images from my life and times on my @bernardrejr Instagram account. Take a look... on Instagram now...

Forward. Is it forward into the 21st century. Or is it the end of the future. The end of hope.Or the beginning of... Welcome to my COVID-19 Forward blog.

Written Works published on Inkitt by Bernard R,e Jr.. View works by title on index page and read for free.

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CHILDRENS BOOKS WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED [2014-Current] By Bernard Re, Jr. now available for purchase on Shutterfly.

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TRAVELS AND MUSINGS Also join us on our journeys as we travel through time and places, life and events. From the art we make to the things we grow. Come along, experience and interact with us on the trips we take, the connections we make and the people we meet. Share with us our travels, our thoughts within and the things we do.Global Home: Between Here and There (an incomplete record)

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The personal and professional web site of Bernard Re, Jr.  

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Graffiare Figures
Series of 4.25” square tiles. This is a technique I call "Graffiare". Sgraffito and sgraffiti come from the Italian word graffiare ("to scratch"), ultimately from the Greek (??aFe??) (gra´phein) "to write". Closing in on 100 figure tiles available for viewing on my Instagram account at bernardrejr.

Graffiare Mod
Mod (Tile 8) 2020 from series using this "mod" design in graffiare technique on 4.25” square tiles and on pottery. More on my Instagram account at bernardrejr.

About Graffiare:
Beginning in 2013 (and continuing today) I began to use tiles as a sketching material (not that I gave up my paper sketch book mind you) using a technique I call "Graffiare". Sgraffito and sgraffiti come from the Italian word graffiare ("to scratch"), ultimately from the Greek (γραΦειν) (gráphein) "to write".

This is a tile (subway tile size) from a series using this "Graffiare" technique entilted The View from Behind my Eyelids. It is inspired by the imagery of the light and dark and the shadowy forms one finds behind closed eyelids - emerging out of the scratching away of the surface – as life becomes richer as we see beyond the surface. I currently have hundreds of "The View from Behind my Eyelids" tiles and someday hope to be commissioned to create a large wall installation using them. View Graffiare: Drawing on tile work for permanent wall installations or mural applications options on my Creative Ground page or contacte me by email.

Greetings from the multiverse
This is more of my journey, connections to the vast known, the imagined and the unknown - out there and in here... Greetings from the multiverse is my mailing log of drawings from the multiverse of places that I have traveled to and documented and then sent out as original postcard drawings to share with the universe that I occupy. If you have received one of my "greetings" it would be great to hear from you in the comments section under your postcard. Visit postcard log...

Greetings from the multiverse. Did you hear that?.

Change-Process Art: Drawing with Nature
The art of changeability using materials and pigments gathered from where I live and the places that I visit. I call this Change-Process Art and describe it as human and natural actions coming together to create an open ended work of art that has the possibility to change even as we have the possibility though time and space to alter our perception of it and our interaction with it.

Please visit my blog Drawing with Nature [HERE] to view more work and my process notes.

The Gathered Hedge
Explore a related collaborative project, The Gathered Hedge at our blog [HERE]. The Gathered Hedge is a collection of found, purchased and donated materials that have been merged with on site natural, planted and gathered growth. This process put in motion gathers other active partners; the weather, time, the sun, wind, cold, heat, rain, snow, ice, growth and the coming and going of the seasons to create this "Change-Process Art" installation.

Activist art (again):

Monsters eating Monsters
Even Monsters get sick from eating THESE Monsters... The series along with supporting source links can be viewed on the Monsters website Monsters Eating Monsters.
A record of destruction...

Bird Brains elect first President
This cartoon series began after the horrible presidental election of 2016 and is a commentary on the people who voted for the Trump, Pence, Bannon wrecking crew and the policies, programs and behavior that they are enabling. The series contains over 70 cartoons along with supporting source links. They can be viewed on my imgur gallery page.

Other Cartoon Series
These cartoons cover from 2020 to the present. See Facebook Albums and Photos HERE. Including: Trumpism: Insurrection. Sedition. Dishonor, Hypocrisy, Is this what MAGA means to you? and Trump Revealations.