Lyrical Expressionist
Bernard Re, Jr.


1960's By Title Listing

Collage Study for Mural [VIEW]
Study for mural.
Year: 1969 Medium: Enamel (on plaster wall) Size: (approx.) 12 feet x 30 feet, Collage Study for Mural, Size: (approx.) 6 inches x 15 inches, Price: $ [REQUEST]

Self Portrait 1968 [VIEW]
High School assignment to do a self-portrait in unnatural colors.
Year: 1968 Medium: Acrylic (on masonite) Size: 16.5 x 24 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Trees [VIEW]
High School assignment.
Year: 1968 Medium: Enamel (on canvas board) Size: 12 x 14 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Hand [VIEW]
High School assignment to do a study of your hand.
Year: 1969 Medium: Paper collage with ink (on poster board) Size: 18 x 24 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Carlo and Rosa Re [VIEW]
High School drawing assignment
Year: 1969 Medium: Pencil drawing on (on canvas board) Size: 18 x 24 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Art Show Poster [VIEW]
High School Art Show Poster 1968
Year: 1969 Medium: Colored pencil (mounted on poster board) Size: (approx.) 6 x 11 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Aggregate [VIEW]
Drawing for High School yearbook cover 1968
Year: 1968 Medium: Print (mounted on poster board) Size: (approx.) 9 x 11 Price: $ [REQUEST]

Burning the Candle [VIEW]
For High School assignment
Year: 1968 Medium: Enamel and poster paint (poster board) Size: (approx.) 14 x 19 Price: $ [REQUEST]


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