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February 21, 2008

Artist Statement

As our lives are made up of things we can control and those we cannot so my paintings are expressions formed by purposeful and random actions.

These actions are at once the result of thoughtful acts and a record of the acts in motion.

These purposeful and random acts are the layered body and muscle - the bones and veins that create the visual expression and infuse it with meaning and life.

Bernard Re, Jr.
May 2008

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Abigail Juliette Keating (2/14/09)
c February 14, 2009
Pop-pop's favorite [UPDATED 12/11] photos.

Photo Albums:

Drawing up in Griffith Park, Hollywood Hills, CA late December 2008
c February 14, 2009
Hopefully I'll turn this into a painting or two.

Solstice Tree 2008
Canaan, CT

Joey Gets Her Hot Tub
In the Spring one of Joey's friends parent had a hot tub they wanted to get rid of for $500. The saga begins...

Joey and Bernie in Poland: October 2008
1) Arrival to Bialowieza
2) Bialowieza and Miejsce Mocy
3) Bialowieza to Krakow and Family
4) Krakow
5) Krakow at night and then Home

When you get to the album click on the first photo and hit "Next" to click through the photos. You cannot see the captions unless you do this.

Artist Talk [YOUTUBE.COM] at Westport Art Center 2007 [PART I] [PART II]

Personal Journal
Clicking the Personal Journal links will step you back in time.

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Golden Street Gallery, October 2008, New London, CT [VIEW]

Second Place Winner, Westport Arts Center
The Palms will remain
August 2008
, Westport, CT [VIEW]

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, June 7 - August 24, 2008New Lebanon, NH [VIEW] Exhibition Catalog [VIEW PDF]

Climate change series
The Palms will remain
December 2007 - July 2008 [VIEW]


Hygienic Gallery, November 17 - December 23, 2007, New London, CT
Series: The six seasons: Spring, Beltane (May 1), Summer, Autumn, Samhain (Nov. 1), Winter

News In Revue, Summer 2007, Pittsfiled, MA and Molten Java Cafe, September 2007, Bethel, CT These two painting hung in The News In Revue theatre during the summer of 2007 in the Bekshires.

(left) Obama-O-Free (right) Hill-Bill-ery, both 36 x 36, enamel on panel shown hanging at Molten Java Cafe.

Sicily Paintings, 2007,Title: Driveway at Fontana Calda
Painting of the driveway entry to the villa Fontana Calda in Sciacca, Sicily. Our home during our visit in February 2007. [Carnevale Sciacca]

Title: The Olive Grove

Painting of the olive grove at villa Fontana Calda.

Infectious Christening, July 2007. NAC Cooperative Gallery, Norwich, CT. This is the first collaborative work that Joey Sage Jablonski and I have completed. It combines my painting and her ceramic scupture.

Blue Iguana Room, May 19 and 20, 2007, Pittsfield, MA
Title: Portrait of Gertrude Stein (after Picasso) (painting on green wall)
Title: A Box (painting on red wall)

Paintings were completed for performace of Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein. Paintings are four foot square, the largest works that I have completed thus far. The portrait used Picasso's painting as source material and A Box uses a segment from the prose poem Objects by Gertrude Stein.

The Science of Abstraction: Lascano Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, May 17, 2007 - Jun 10, 2007
Paintings of mine and abstract sculpture by Joey Sage Jablonski were in the show.

Burnham Library, May 2007, Bridgewater, CT

National Spring 2007 Open Juried Exhibition, Wayne Arts Center, Wayne, PA. Title: Portrait of Joey Sage Jablonski: Parking lot, 2 a.m., pottery wheel, wonder

Art Well, April 2007, Torrington, CT. My work was chosen by a gallery in West Hartford to be included in a group show.

Real Art Ways, March 2007, Hartford, CT (fund raising event)

Corporate hanging at Virtrue Inc, corportae headquarters, 20 Glover Avenue, Norwalk, CT (leasing arrangement), January - June 2007

The White Gallery, January 2007, Lakeville, CT. Group invitational show.

Housatonic Valley Art League's Regional Juried Exhibit, November 1 - December 10, 2006, Lichtenstein Center for the Arts Gallery, Pittsfield, MA. [VIEW PAINTING]

Beauty Mystery Magic, November 2 - December 10, 2006, Garnersville Arts Project Gallery, Garnersville, NY. [VIEW PAINTING]

Think Pink, October 5 - October 27, 2006. Annual breast cancer awareness exhibit at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts Gallery, Pittsfield, MA. Take Part painting [VIEW PAINTING]

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists, September 24 - October 20, 2006, Ridgefield, T. Jurors: Rene lynch and Julian Jackson, co-directors and owners of METAPHOR CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY. [VIEW PAINTING]

Artwell's 10th Annual Juried Exhibition, July 29 -September 10, 2006, Torrington CT. Showing Lizard Brain selected as the winner of the SILVER GAVEL AWARD, Juror: Jennifer Gross, Curator of Contempory and Modern Art, Yale Art Gallery (New Haven, CT) [VIEW PAINTING]

Westport Art Center Members Solo Exhibition, July 14-24, 2006, Westport, CT, Fifteen paintings. View Artists' Talk on [PART I] [PART II]

Wayne Arts Center , May/June 2006- National Spring Open Juried Exhibition, Wayne, PA., painting Self Awareness [VIEW].

The Douglas Library, April 2006, Canaan, CT

Green (Irish) Show, March 2006, Lichtenstein Center for the Arts Gallery, Pittsfield, MA. [VIEW PAINTING]

The Slater Museum, February 2006, Norwich, CT) 63rd. Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition in the Converse Gallery. Juror, Chet Kempczynski (recipiant of a recent Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant). The show included only 100 works by Connecticut artists. [VIEW PAINTING IN SHOW]

Storefront Artists Fund Raiser, February 2006, Pittsfield, MA. One [VIEW PAINTING] Donated and sold.

Molten Java Cafe, January 2006, Bethel, CT

Norwich Arts Cooperative Gallery, December 2006, 6 x 6 Show, Norwich, CT. Twelve 6 x 6 inch panels painted as one work. Separate paintings that can stand alone.

Think Pink, October 2005, breast cancer awareness exhibition, Pittsfield, MA) [VIEW PAINTING]

Mind-Hues: Golden Street Gallery, September 2005, New London, CT. Two person show. [PAINTINGS THAT SOLD DURING THE SHOW: Loster Martini, Why the Ban Sidhe howls and Cross Headed Election]

Written Words, August 2005, Norwich Arts Cooperative Gallery group show, Norwich, CT

Methods and Madness, July 2005, one-person exhibition spanning over thrity-years. Norwich Arts Council Gallery, Norwich, CT

The 56th Annual Art of the Northeast: Silvermine Guild Arts Center, May 2005, Norwalk, CT. Juried by Elizabeth Smith, Chief Curator, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, [VIEW PAINTING]

Agaate Salat GalleryMay 2005, Norwich, CT. Man VS Nature: Politics, Society... (multiple works).

Hoxie Gallery, April 2005, Westerly, RI, group show (four painting)

Hygienic Gallery, February 2005, New London, CT, group show (one painting)

Agaate Salat Gallery, February 2005, Norwich, CT, Black History Month Show (two paintings).

New London OpenDecember 4 and 5, 2004, New London, CT. I had thirty-one paintings on exhibit. This art event had over fifty artists exhibiting in storefronts and studios in downtown New London. I had a great time! Met artists, sold three paintings (I'm happy:) and found a vibrant community of local artists to become involved with.

Norwich Arts Council Cooperative Gallery, November/December 2004, , Norwich CT) (Artists Cooperative Member) In October I was accepted as a member of the Norwich Arts Council Cooperative Gallery.

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists: 27th Annual Juried Exhibition, October 2004, Ask me how I feel, 18 x 24 oil painting was one of sixty works from over three hundred entries selected by juror Robert Cottingham, Ridgefield, CT.

Changing Patterns: The Art of Recovery, October/December 2004, The wood at night was one of eleven small works on exhibit in this group show at the Agaake Salat Gallery, Norwich, CT 06360. Many of these paintings are part of a series of what I call "Meditative Miniatures" that can either be hung on a wall or displayed on a mantel, desk or table.

"Vote with Your Art" - Election Expressions at ArtWell Gallery, October 2004, Lip Service and The Chemical Infection were part of this group show, Torrington, CT

Note: In November 2004 returned to working with high-gloss enamels as a paint medium. In the 1970's I used enamel paint in a progression of works that eventually evolved into my linear style. This time around I am trying not to be so strict with the inherent hard edge nature of the paint but am exploring certain aspects of blending, over-painting and wet-to-wet paint edge seep/flow.

Artwell's 8th Annual Juried Exhibition 2004, Torrington CT. Juror: Andrea Miller-Keller, Curator of the 2002 Whitney Biennial and former curator of the Wadsworth Antheneum.

Democratic Party Festival, 2004, Kingston, NY (art activism works)

Art For Peace, 2002, New Paltz, NY. Two paintings exhibited in group show in New Paltz Village Hall meeting room show index and photos of paintings)

Manna Dew Cafe, 2002, Millerton, NY

Ridgefield Guild of Artists: 25th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2002, Ridgefield, CT. Juror: William Zimmer, Art Critic, New York Times Regional Sections. [ABOUT SHOW]

Artwell, 2002, Torrington, CT

La Prima Tazza Cafe, 2002, Lawrence, KS. One person show. [VIEW INDEX]

Fourth Street Gallery, 1999 - 2002, Sioux City, IA) (Artists Cooperative Member)

Note I put aside my paints and brushes for a while to design and build our passive solar home here in northwestern Connecticut and to devote more time to my young family and my graphic design/marketing business. In 1994 I moved online and began working with online newspapers in New Jersey, Iowa and Kansas. I picked up my art again in 1997.

Small Works National Exhibition: Zaner Gallery, 1985, Rochester, NY (Juried/Group)

William Benton Museum of Art - Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts 75th Exhibition, 1985, Storrs, CT (Juried/Group)

Berkshire Artisans, 1985, Pittsfield, MA (Juried/Group)v

North Salem Gallery, 1982, North Salem, NY (Juried/Group)

New Britain Museum: Small Paintings Exhibition, 1982 (Juried/Group)

Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Connecticut sculptor and painters "Three Winners" exhibition, 1979. One of a three person exhibition.

Intrnational Artists Exhibition, 1979, Montreal, Canada

National Art Center: SoHo, NYC, 1979 (Juried/Group)

Paula Insel Gallery,1979, New York, NY (Juried/Group)

Annual Art of the Northeast: Silvermine Artists Guild, 1975, Norwalk, CT. Winner of the Laura M. Gross Painting Award.(Juried/Group)

Copley Society, Member shows 1973 - 1985, Boston, MA (Member/Juried/Group)

LBAA Gallery, 1971, New York, NY (Juried/Group)

Kent Art Gallery, 1974, Kent, CT (Juried/Group)

Rockport Art Association, 1973, Rockport, MA. Second Prize Collage Award(Juried/Group)

Museum School, 1972, Boston, MA (Juried/Group)

Massachusetts College of Art Gallery, 1971, Boston, MA (Juried/Group)\

OLDER selected works BY TITLE list.

OTHER OLDER 2004-2006 enamel paintings HERE


The Ice Is Melting
First painting in a series inspired by how climate change is melting the polar ice. Joey and I are working on a series of ceramic tableware that picks up this color pallet and theme as well.
c February 14, 2009
The Ice Is Melting (1) (January 2009)

Under the Mistletoe
This series has been inspired by the balls of Mistletoe we saw in the trees in eastern Poland. This is the scond set of Mistletoe dinner plates, bowls and cups that Joey [] and I are collaborating on. Joey makes the pottery and I glaze (paint*) them. We have done some others prior to this that family members have.

Images are from November 23-24 and show glazing work on the second set of dinner plates, bowls and cups. The first set can be seen through December 20 at the Hygienic Gallery in New London, CT. I'm planning some paintings as well.

*Following my Sicilian roots just like in Sciacca, Sicilia, where the tradition is to paint on pottery just as if it were a canvas. Of course they have yet to see any painted pottery in Sciacca like this! A fired plate is at the bottom of this column.

Under the Mistletoe - Nov 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Under the Mistletoe - November 2008
Mistletoe Plate
They came out of the kiln on Thursday, November 27, 2008 and when off to a sale with Joey this weekend. I'll get some photos up soon (plate image posted December 5, 2008). I think this batch works. There are some things I will try on the next batch though...

Under the Mistletoe Nov08
This series was purchased as a set on December 6, 2008 by a couple who write, perform and produce music and spoken word. Nice to know these pieces have a good home. Thanks.

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