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October 17, 2008

Artist Statement

As our lives are made up of things we can control and those we cannot so my paintings are expressions formed by purposeful and random actions.

These actions are at once the result of thoughtful acts and a record of the acts in motion.

These purposeful and random acts are the layered body and muscle - the bones and veins that create the visual expression and infuse it with meaning and life.

Bernard Re, Jr.
May 2008

Joey and Bernie in Poland: October 2008
1) Arrival to Bialowieza
2) Bialowieza and Miejsce Mocy
3) Bialowieza to Krakow and Family
4) Krakow
5) Krakow at night and then Home

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Abigail Juliette: August 15, 2008, 6 lbs/5 ozs, 20 inches, 8:20 a.m., Welcome
A wonderful and beautiful child. So says her Pop-pop.
Artist Talk [YOUTUBE.COM] at Westport Art Center 2007 [PART I] [PART II]

Personal Journal
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Golden Street Gallery, October 2008
New London, Connecticut

Opening night
The Palms Will Remain Series
The Palms Will Remain Series
The Palms Will Remain Series
The Palms Will Remain Series
He Considered The Tree (left) Angry Sun: Birds without wings
Drawings and Joey and I.
Thanks, Kevin.

Painting: Second Place, Westport Arts Center, August 2008
Westport, Connecticut

Portrait of Leslie Ferrin
Studio images of painting in progress:

Paintings: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, June 7 through August 24, 2008
New Lebanon, New Hampshire

Photos from the exhibition:

On the wall.

Astraea: Shakespeare and Elizabeth I

Driveway to villa Fontana Calda (Sciacca, Sicilia)

The Snail: Portrait of Carlo Petrini, Founder of the Slow Food movement

Dair Duille (Oak)

My #1 fan.

dmc The far end.

Setting up the exhibition:

Exhibition Catalog [DOWNLOAD PDF]

dartmouth hitchcock medical center
This gives a good prespective fn the gallery area of the Rotunda on level five. Twenty one painting, from 4' x 4' to 14" x 18" sizes, will wrap around this area.

dartmouth hitchcock medical center
Joey and I installing my paintings. Self Awareness is at left.

dartmouth hitchcock medical center
Cousin Joyce and I. With (from left to right) Angry Sun, The Snail: Portrait of Carlo Petrini, Founder of the Slow Food movement , He considered the tree and Dair Duille (Oak).

dartmouth hitchcock medical center
About half way through hanging the show that will cover eighty linear feet of wallspace of the Rotunda on level five at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Preview: Climate change series

climate change
Here are two paintings from the The Palms will Remain series. The smaller one on the table is completed and the 8 foot long one is still in progress. When the series is finished there will be approximately twenty linear feet of paintings of various lengths but all 15 inches high. I hope to have a gallery interested in showing the whole series wrapped around all four walls.

climate change
This shows drawings on the wall for the follow up in the Climate Change Series titled, The Ice is Melting. Working with my partner, ceramic artist, Joey Jablonski I am adding a set of functional ceramic plates to this series as well.

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