Lyrical Expressionist
Bernard Re, Jr.

New Paltz, New York Date: November 7 - January 30, 2002
Art for Peace Exhibit
Two paintings in group show

[VIEW] Pinocchio Ashcroft, or "photos of Ashcroft's Senate hearings will be looked at again more closely"

[VIEW] The Patriot Act, or "...the least example of the democratic process..."

Place: New Paltz Village Hall meeting room
Plattekill Avenue
New Platz, New York


[VIEW] Easter Broken - Violence on behalh of God breaks all forgiveness

[VIEW] Axis of Evil - The danger of organized religions and their negative effect on humanity. Symbols of Christianity (the cross), Islam (the crescent) and Hindu (the aum) make up the painting. Imagine the others...

[VIEW] Mistrust God - Inspired by a story that the "In God We Trust" motto was being considered for inclusion in every public school classroom as a wall poster

[VIEW] The Legacy - The legacy of the Industrial Age and the volcanic and climatic changes that have resulted. Find the G7 (Group of seven industrialized nations) text, the words "Ozone Hole" and the "ring of fire" volcanoes that are poised for eruption.

[VIEW] Khomeini Revisited - Shaped by history. Impacted by the powerful. Branded. We wonder at what have we become. Real or false.

[VIEW] Nuclear Power Implant

[VIEW] The Declining Landscape

[VIEW] Atomic Man

[VIEW] Chemical Infection

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