Infectious Christening
July 6 - July 27
Norwich Arts Council Gallery
Norwich, CT

A lifelong passion for life and art art is being realized by the two artists showing in July at Norwich Arts Council Gallery in Norwich, CT. Joey Sage Jablonski and Bernard Re, Jr. met last September and since then their art and lives have come together in most interesting ways. Her sculpture and his paintings reflect their individual attraction to the human figure, nature, the spirits, strings and limbs - and each other. Yet both artists bring these varied concepts out in sculpture and paint as abstract forms. The work they do together, work that links the sculpture with the painting, further explores these concepts. As well as expressing their loving attraction to each other.

Joey Sage Jablonski
I have always wondered where I would land. After 12 years of studying and practicing representational sculpture, Išve come to something all my own. Or rather, it has come to me. Being a potter by profession, one day I was playing with some wheel thrown parts and ended up making an anthropomorphic shape. I really liked it but was afraid to show it to anyone. It sat in a corner of my studio for a year until it caught the eye of an abstract painter who I had just met. He saw it as lines and shapes and color and I saw it anew as such, giving it an artistic value that I had not originally perceived. Without formal art training, I go by feeling in my work. I'm looking to catch the essence of a living thing ­ human, animal, plant. But I still find myself striving to "represent" emotion in some way as my "figures" embrace, dance, cry. Surprisingly, though, I've arrived at an understanding of this essence by using my ability as a potter to create "parts". I get the same tactile pleasure of sculpting smooth organic curves but I'm no longer trying to copy the shapes of a model. Now I am creating from my own imagination and I'm loving it.

Bernard Re, Jr.
It has been a journey from -- mental energy waves -- to DNA strands -- to Strings... "...According to string theory, absolutely everything in the universe - all of the particles that make up matter and forces - is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. Moreover, every one of these strings is identical. The only difference between one string and another, whether it's a heavy particle that is part of an atom or a massless particle that carries light, is its resonant pattern, or how it vibrates..." (The Elegant Universe, Brian Green) -- to the process of "...what it feels like from within experience." "...emergentism, which basically states that the interiority, or consciousness, of brain matter is an emergent property and a product of ordinary matter at a certain level of evolution." -- to the present "...The so-called observer is actually the participator, an integral part of the quantum system. The essence of the revelation is this: The quantum domain consists wholly of possibilities and probabilities, 'existing ' together in a kind of suspended animation. In quantum physics, these probabilities are described as a matrix of wave functions -- mathematical waves of probability. The remarkable thing is that any particular probability becomes an actuality only when observed. In quantum-speak, this is called the 'collapse of the wave function' -- one particular actuality is 'collapsed' out of many superimposed probability waves." (Radical Nature, Christian de Quincey).
My work is a story that flows and emerges as a process from mind to mind. The painting serving as the mental expression by the artist, opening a portal to an impression formed in the mind of the observer -- who brings meaning to the image as they view it and bring it into the world.