_M e t a t r o n ' s _S t o r y_

And the first petal withered and fell.
The facet that was.

Was ending.

Then a fantastic outreach occured.

All facets rushed to try and prevent this falling.

They screamed to that place.

They compacted.

They fused.

Their friction illuminated the Nothing.

They ended.

They began.


       T h e   S e e k i n g

It was found.

At the same place.

    The vast Nothing was now truely a void.

    The Ethereals had vacated the cosmos and fused into one place.

    Their individual energies were being transformed.

    With each milisecond more compacted.


    The core.

    Their energy was being channeled from a whole to a singularity.

    The Ethereals at the fringe now remembered the whole.

    They remembered how the call went out.

    How they tried to prevent the fall.

    Some from the fringe could see the energy of the core.

    There was a Center.

    They could also see from this vantage the true void that now existed all around that Center. All was still in motion hurling toward the Center.

    The force carried billions headlong into the Center to be changed forevermore.

The Light.

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