Excerpt from Atomic Christ

Terror was spreading and society was splitting into factions upon factions. The book's cover icon of an eagle with a crown hovering over the cross, the crescent and the star of David was being branded on everything from T-shirts to fine crystal. (see "old religion" Tribulation)

The sign of the nuChild was almost as prominent. A triangle pointing down to a circle with another triangle pointing up to the circle but this was seen more in graffiti in the places that had only hope. Hope that a nuChild would be born. That would help them. The triangles represented the heavenly spirit and the earthly spirit the circle wholeness. Throughout the ages these simple powerful icons have been used. Now they combined not in a fixed state but in a state of becoming. You are the circle that is being given new life. You are the circle the nuChild. You are the circle that is balanced between heaven and hell. Know that this is you in your rightful and proper place. Always striving for balance in this continuing evolution, revolution and stagnation.

This short declaration that PIA (Personal Information Agent) now processed had its beginning with a small group of people. It always amazed Richard (Stands) that someone ever had had the vision and the courage to put it up on the Web. With suicide bombers and zealot patriots it wasn't a time for proclaiming that the old bankrupt and corrupted religions were dead and a new one was being born. Stubborn and ruthless, loving and powerful the first council was. The US, UN, NATO, G7, Greens and the rest had their own plans and councils. They seemed to be bent on using the sword, no matter how high tech, to combat the fanatics. They were underestimating though just how many fanatics there were of all beliefs, politics and persuasions and just how fatalistic and radicalized they all were growing. The nuWorld council on the other hand fought the belief fires with a belief fire of their own. If the world really had to be burned down to save it would only be done by people who believed it was the right way. The truth and the light.

As Richard had studied the economic superpowers then, the US, the UK and Japan and the other old deterrence player Russia quickly saw the nuChrist belief system as something they could use. It turned out more like when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. The empire still fell. This time though Christ was here to judge and rule. To create a kingdom here on Earth. With a nuMan and nuWoman born of the nuclear fire.

Richard had been to Japan. Walked the ground that was touched by His mighty sword. The Japanese were the first to see the nuSites be established in storefronts and parks. Richard had been to Russia where a many culture people had yearned for order and prosperity. He saw them now with one nuDoctrine and building better lives. The p

Richard sat down at the screen and said, 'on'. The screen came up, 'match' he said as he came close. The screen flashed as his retina was scanned. The word 'Access' came up in the middle of the screen. Richard could have kept talking his way in but in stead typed in 'remail' and 'magic lantern' and the address. He watched as the screen filled with the keystrokes of an email being written in real time as he watched. 'Record'. 'Save'. He knew the program would keep would recording keystrokes until the mail was sent he could read it later. 'Maintain'. He'd get every email until he told it to stop.

Enola was spilling her guts the remailer and heavy encryption would keep it safe. 'The nuChild was not the only issue here.

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