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Think Globally: Updated November 18, 2000

Contribute, act and vote Green

Activist things to do... [HERE] has endorsed Ralph Nader of the Green Party for President of the United States of America Vote Green

With a full participatory government and society as the goal Ralph Nader has accepted the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. It is with great hope that we at endorse this action.

Nader's Green Party acceptance statement. Read here.

Visit our Discussion Forum - Note: Updates, news and information will be posted here.

Greens and Nader Participatory News [participatory/news] posts here.

Send us a Greens or Nader site for consideration. will support the Nader for President effort with stories, links, polls and discussions. So that our readers can participate and contribute to this campaign. Bookmark this page for easy access to updates and additions.

Resource Links:

  • Ralph Nader - biography
  • An Agenda for a New Democracy" - The Concord Principles
  • - Nader for President official web site
  • Donor page - your support is essential. It is only with your help that the fight for full participatory democracy will be won.
  • How you can help - act
  • Volunteer - in your state
  • The Greens - Green Party USA offical web site
  • Platform - platform of the Greens/Green Party USA
  • History - The Greens/Green Party USA is one of the most well-known and dynamic alternative parties in the U.S. today! The reason for our success is that we are much more than just a political party.

    Send us a Greens or Nader site for consideration.

    Submit your URL to your participatory here!

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    Your guide to orgainizing and using free web Your guide to orgainizing and using free web resources.

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