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Archives: See how things have changed...what's past is past

Asian Society: Cultural bridge...cross it

Ask Us: E-mail us... e-mail me

Audio Resources: Listen in and music


Build Participation: Guide how-to pages that tell you how to add free interactive tools to your page...get tools

This is your BRAIN: Heart and brain, fear and longing, what will you choose? It has always been up to us.


Birth of the Chaordic Age: Book



@root: News... read, post, reply to global items

Forum: Discuss global participation and what it means to interact online... Start something... post or reply



Enron: Ralph Nader likes to say that George W. Bush is " a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil industry." That oily feeling


Get a Member Page: IF YOU HAVE a web page that enables the free posting of information by others we want to help you spread the word. Please submit the URL to for consideration in our "see member pages" directory.

Globalism: We are all contributors in common to this world. Every day through technology and personal contact we become even more intertwined and interdependent. At we call this process of socialization and capitalization of the planet "Globalism". It's all around us

Global Frontier: We stand at the opening of the Global Frontier. The vast horizon that lies before us is one of hope and foreboding.Global Frontier [page]

Greens: Greens nominate Ralph Nader for President of the United States. endorses Nader.
Nader acceptance statement. Read here.

Guest Book: Tell someone you were here... add your name


How do we make money? Right now we don't unless you donate! We are testing the TRUE INTERNET MODEL - "If it is of worth people will support it." That "support" usually translates to scores of advertising banners... BUT "SUPPORT" TO US means a donation-based business model (crazy huh)...

How to: IF NOT consult the "Build Participation" pages guide that we have that can help you add participatory web content to your page. See gH "Build Participation"


Information: I just realized that the Information Age is over... and the information age has begun.


Metatron: too has something to say...

Molecular (Moletronics) Computing: When the way the rings on your fingers are arranged hold more computing power than your desktop computer... Moletronics (Silicon IS Dead) discussion.
If you have comments or news regarding this topic please post them at our forum... We will post new items for this topic there as well.
Moletronics (Silicon IS Dead) [discussion]


News: The process to a global everything... read


Participation Sites:Links to global foundations, societies and groups that focus on promoting participation... Go to Public Involvement Network. Other links... [here]

Participatory Story:It seemed like a dream. The reports coming in from the Seattle were not good. In the Cascade Range two mountains were steaming. Earthquakes were rumbling Redmond. On the east coast rain... read and write

The patRIOT Letters Read and comment [here]


Solar Effects: Solar weather and effects on our waether and systems...get our global temperature
Store Finder: Directory of stores with locations in more than one country...browser globally... shop locally...

Submit URL: to your participatory web page....get free link and brief text block


Terms of Service: Read Advertising Policy | Privacy Statement | Use and Member Terms | Disclaimer... play it safe read this

Think Globally: Links to sites that you can participate in or interactive tools that you can add to your page... By INTERACTION we mean a two way street... evolve

Tribulation: A generation. Will pass away, then all will be fulfilled. Living through history...


Weather Solar weather and effects on our waether and systems...get our global temperature

Web Cams: Look in on some global locations. We are building this web cam directory to give you a window on the world. We scouted out cams that give you a view of a local scene. Global scenes.

What is and why are we doing this...

What means to you about adding participation to your pages... and driving visitors to your participatory web page...

What does mean to others when it comes to finding a free personalizable and/or participatory web site...

Ask about adding your content.

Or links...


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