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I woke up today and found snow perched on the ground

It hovered in a frozen sky and gobbled summer down

Urge for going
By Joni Mitchell

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October 2001


Posted: October 13, 2001

See cartoon "the least democratic process for debating questions fundamental to democracy I have ever seen. What we decided to do in committee, correctly, was to give the law enforcement officials all the expanded powers they asked for," he added. "But we simultaneously tried to put into effect a full set of safeguards to minimize the chance that human beings . . . would abuse that power. The problem is that the bill before us today preserves the fullness of the powers but substantially weakens the safeguards."
- Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), a member of the judiciary panel, denounced the maneuvering that led up to yesterday's 'Patriot's Act' vote. Source: Washington Post

Posted: October 1, 2001

"Aside from the space movement itself (which, paradoxically, is oriented to a former future which has now become merely the present, with all the problems of the present), the thinking which I have provisonally labeled "postfuturist" is most strongly -- if unconsciously -- embodied in the diverse and ineradicable resistance movements against US/UN hegemony: Khazakl People's Front, the ex-neo-Communists of the NVC, the nonexistent but influential conspiracy known as the Last International, the Army of the New Republic and many more. No shared ideal unites them -- on the contrary. Having every cause to rebel, they need no ideal, no "cause." One stubborn conviction is common to all of them: No More New World Orders. I will not conceal my own conviction that in this they are right. For we have seen the future -- we have by now centuries of experience of the future -- and we know it doesn't work. It'll be a great day when the future goes away! It'll be a great day of liberation, when the armies, the functionaries, the camp-followers, the carpetbaggers of the future go away and leave us in peace to get on with the rest of our lives!"
- Jonathan Wilde "Towards the End of the Future" - Ken Macleod from "The Star Fraction"

"Terrorism is based on the persistent and deliberate violation of fundamental human rights. With bullets and bombs and now with hijacked airplanes, terrorists deny the dignity of human life. Terrorism preys particularly on cultures and communities that practice openness and tolerance. Their targeting of innocent civilians mocks the efforts of those who seek to live together in peace as neighbors. It defies the very notion of being a neighbor... The strength of America's response, please understand, flows from the principles upon which we stand. Americans are not a single ethnic group. Americans are not of one race or one religion. Americans emerge from all of your nations. We're defined as Americans by our beliefs, not by our ethnic origins, our race or our religion... It's tragic and perverse that it's because of these very principles, particularly our religious, political and economic freedoms, that we find ourselves under attack by terrorists. Our freedom threatens them because they know if our ideas of freedom gain a foothold among their people, it will destroy their power. So they strike out against us to keep those ideas from reaching their people... We are right and they are wrong. It's as simple as that. And by that I mean that America and its allies are right about democracy, about religious, political and economic freedom. And the terrorists are wrong, and in fact evil, in their mass destruction of human life in the name of addressing alleged injustices... Those who practice terrorism, murdering or victimizing innocent civilians, lose any right to have their cause understood by decent people and lawful nations... If you need to be reminded of this, you don't need to look very far. Just go outside for a walk in the streets and the parks of New York City. You can't walk a a block or two blocks in New York City without seeing somebody that looks different than you, acts different than you, talks different than you, believes different than you. If you grow up in New York City, you learn that. And then you learn something, if you're an intelligent or decent person, you learn that all those differences are nothing in comparison to the things that unite us... In some ways the resilience of life in New York City is the ultimate sign of defiance to terrorists. We call ourselves the capital of the world in large part because we're the most diverse city in the world. And we're the home of the United Nations. So that spirit of unity amid all our diversity has never ever been stronger. "
- Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Address to the United Nations, October 1, 2001

"As some of the injuries done us have become intolerable we have still been clear that we wished nothing for ourselves that we were not ready to demand for all mankind - fair dealing, justice, the freedom to live and to be at ease against organized wrong."
- Woodrow Wilson

"I believe that men will see the truth, eye to eye and face to face. There is one thing that the American people always rise to and extend their hand to and that is the truth of justice and of liberty and of peace. We have accepted that truth and we are going to be led by it, and it is going to lead us, and through us the world, out into pastures of quietness and peace such as the world never dreamed of before." - Woodrow Wilson's last words before a public audience.
- Woodrow Wilson

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


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posted: october 21, 2001

relativism, terrorist, evil, irrational. a link to a story in the new york times was recently e-mailed to global home. it has to do with word definitions but ...

"...when Reuters decided to be careful about using the word "terrorism" because, according to its news director, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, Martin Kaplan, associate dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, castigated what he saw as one more instance of cultural relativism. But Reuters is simply recognizing how unhelpful the word is, because it prevents us from making distinctions that would allow us to get a better picture of where we are and what we might do. If you think of yourself as the target of terrorism with a capital T, your opponent is everywhere and nowhere. But if you think of yourself as the target of a terrorist who comes from somewhere, even if he operates internationally, you can at least try to anticipate his future assaults...." is really more about

"...the practice of putting yourself in your adversary's shoes, not in order to wear them as your own but in order to have some understanding (far short of approval) of why someone else might want to wear them, then relativism will not and should not end, because it is simply another name for serious thought."

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