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What is this all about? Updated August 29, 2000

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News is "super local" everywhere...

"Super Local News" is a way, through a concept we call "participatory publishing", of keeping in touch with issues and people from the other side of the globe and from right around the corner.

At we are intent on building a portal to these participatory publishing environments that are created around local stories and super local stories of a global interest. So that a story from India, Japan, Russia, USA or anywhere that has been brought online by a local journalist can be found, reacted to and contributed to by people from around the globe.

Global news is local everywhere...

On our inter-related planet all news is global no matter where it originates from. We will work to bring you local news with global impact in a way that you can contribute to it. Contributing to this news stream will help open up the discussion and the possible solutions relating to the news story. We must become creators in common and seek to shape the world as it shapes our lives.

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We are all contributors in common to this world. Every day through technology and personal contact we become even more intertwined and interdependent. At we call this process of socialization and capitalization of the planet "Globalism".

The globe is our home and we should all be interested in keeping the people, animals and the environment of our home safe and healthy. To do that we must first be informed, and second we must contribute and thirdly we must act appropriately to form solutions.

  • Here you will find links to participatory sites and pages that gH Members have created...

  • Here you can find easy to implement participatory features that you can add to your pages... like guest books, polls, forums...

  • Here you will find a way to organize all your personalized/participatory web pages *and* promote them... SUBMIT URL to your participatory web page.

    What is

    Your guide to news of a global, national, regional, local and "super local" nature and to building, linking to and organizing free personalizable and/or participatory web pages.

    What means to you:

    It is a way, through a concept we call "participatory publishing", of keeping in touch with issues and people from the other side of the globe and from right around the corner. In addition our "guide" pages will take you step-by-step through the process of building, using and integrating personalized and/or participatory resources for news, calendars, guest books, family sites, club sites, storage sites, kids sites, business sites, personal growth , personal home pages and more that are available for FREE online into your own personal pages.

    Within the "Member Page" directory on we create a links organized by "Topics" to your "Member" pages. Your "Member" page links to the participatory content and other personalized or participatory pages you have created. We think the web is about "participation" and have set up as a home to help those with participatory content to be found - to get some traffic - and to be accessed easily.

    Your "Member" page link and intro text block on "Member Directory" is an organization of your links that you can access from any computer anywhere on earth through a simple World Wide Web connection - and pass on to friends and family who want to participate too!

    What does mean to others:

    A compilation of "participatory news and information" of global "super local interest" that they can contribute to. We also want to help "drive visitor participants to your personal participatory pages" from our Member page directory.

    How do we make money:

    Right now we don't unless you donate! We are testing the TRUE INTERNET MODEL - "If it is of worth people will support it." That "support" usually translates to scores of advertising banners... BUT "SUPPORT" TO US means a donation-based business model (crazy huh)... With the incentive that if you donate we'll keep the site BANNER FREE! Isn't that worth a dollar! [DONATE]

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    PS: What do those globes mean?

    We rank our guide entries by the globe... with four globes for outstanding... Please visit our guide to building personalizable (our new web word...) and/or participatory web resources and send us your comments for consideration and we'll add it to the guide page...

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    Your guide to orgainizing and using free web Your guide to orgainizing and using free web resources.

    Mission:To facilitate participation between individuals, organizations and businesses on a global basis. Provide an online guide to news and information topics of global interest and to help you build, link to, organize, find - personalized and/or participatory pages, sites and home/office appliance control links. Making these online resources easier to find, personalize, participate with and manage thus making your time online more enjoyable, informative, interactive and productive - globally as well as locally.
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