June-July 2004


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VisitBaby comes home [Canaan late June 2004 photos]...

VisitOut of NYC (or Fleeing the RNC a story of hope)...

VisitJune 25, 2004 was my last day at I will miss everyone. It was a great place to work. But Nancy has been working in Connecticut at a great job so I am following her back home.

VisitTrip to Ireland photos, notes and links.


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Clicking the Personal Journal links will step you back in time.

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Four new paintings in a more fluid brush style.
If I should fall from grace
See the other three here.

Media band albums are collage binders that capture a certain timeframe. Some have a theme. Some are more scapbook in nature. The album pages are then scanned or photographed and reconfigured as a multi-media work. So far formats include QuickTime and PowerPoint. These works are available for sale at LULU a self publishing and creative colaborative service. The physical media band collage albums can be wall-mounted and displayed in home, office, museum or gallery venues. For more information about Inter-Vitae media band works contact Bernie Re at

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