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Once upon a time in a land of promise there lived a person who believed that life was about transformation not about possession, power, heavenly rewards or hellish punishments.

This is his story.

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    But I'm not...

    January 2002

    Posted: January 5, 2002
    Ready for the nuWorld? ...Published by Radient Publishing (Inter-Vitae, Inc.) in 2002 the 'Atomic Christ' shocked the nation when it came out of nowhere to arrive on the New York Times best seller list by early summer. Bythe August anniversary of Trinty test the Bible belt religion industry was railing against it and the Vatican multination corporation was denouncing it. That didn't stop thousands from streaming into the desert on a pilgrimage to the marker. In times like these you need a savior. One who comes in fire. The more powerful the better.


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    They are global and local:

    -White House Reveals Enron Contacts: WASHINGTON (AP) 01/10/2002 5:29 PM EST - The White House revealed on Thursday that Enron Corp., an energy firm closely tied to President Bush, sought the administration's help shortly before collapsing with the life savings of many workers. In a separate disclosure, the company's auditors said they had destroyed many Enron documents.
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    -Now available for geo-tele-slavery or geo-tele-surveillance... "...say hello to your computer that now has the ability to give you a computer printout of on-the-hour locations of your subject for a presurveillance check..."
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    -Mark Reaney and VR before it's time (in German)


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